As a coffeephile, a cup of coffee in the morning is a must because we all love coffee and its delicious smell that could brighten out our morning. However, there is always this question whenever we had a cup of coffee in the morning at our home which is why your cup of coffee is not like the one you get it from the cafe in damasara kim. To solve this mystery, today I will guide you to make your own “coffee shop alike” coffee at your home.

In my other article, I have written about how you should not grind extra coffee beans and reheat your coffee after freshly brewed it. So now, if you are the only one wants to have a cup of coffee, what will you do? I mean how much coffee will you grind and what if you have leftovers coffee that no one drinks?

In that sense, I will recommend you to get a single cup coffee machine that will brew only a cup of coffee instead of a pot. This kind of coffee machine will make only one cup of coffee for you which is more convenient for those who want a cup of coffee in the morning at home. In this machine, there are wide choices of flavours and some machine comes with different features too. Plus, they deliver the taste just like the coffee shop, is not a good thing?

Moreover, you don’t have to drink an average regular coffee every day. I mean you can always spice up your coffee with the natural ingredients that we have in this world. For instance, you can use chocolate in your coffee to give a mocha flavour to your regular coffee. Other than that, you can use vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, slices or grind ginger, cardamom, grind nutmeg in your coffee.

Lastly, get started to experiment with your coffee grounds and spices and be your own coffee expert. All these spices will enhance your coffee with rich flavours.

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